Local area 周辺

東寺/Toji temple

東寺 Toji temple


This world heritage site is only a 15 minute walk from the house. Toji is a very famous and beautiful temple that is often overlooked by tourists. There are also huge flea markets here on the 21st of every month. You can buy many interesting things that you can’t find anywhere else.

イオン洛南/AEON mall rakunan



A huge shopping mall is only a 5 minute walk away. There are many stores, restaurants, and arcades for kids.

It’s perfect for families that would like to cook at home or eat out at some popular restaurants.


天下一品 ramen

天下一品/Tennkaippin Ramen


There is a Ramen restaurant right around the corner! It’s only a 1 minute walk away.







もりよし/Moriyoshi Yakiniku



The chef of this shop is the 4th generation of a long-established store of meat shops that lasts

three generations. They have grade A5 / A4 Japanese beef and many varieties of meat. We highly recommend this place for a true Japanese BBQ experience.




梅小路公園/Umekoji park






A large park with an open field, playgrounds, and a classic train that kids can ride on. It’s perfect for young families. The Kyoto train museum and aquarium are also here.
It’s a 25 minute walk away, You can also take bus 208 from the bus stop in front of the house to Umekoji Koen mae bus stop. It’s about 10 minutes by bus.

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